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Hello people of the internet.  It’s been roughly two months since any significant update has come down the pipe as to the movie’s coming together.  I’d like to start by saying this year has been a challenging one for myself and my family personally, which has led to some of the delays related to scheduling of shoots and overall forward motion of the project.  I’m happy to report my family is doing well after a year already full of personal and emotional challenges, and I’m ready to get back into full gear and get this mother moving.

Already, we’ve sat down and spoken with John Tard of Canada’s punk rock group the 3Tards, London metal up and comers Mulletcorpse, and other various acts.  Via this blog I’ll be announcing interviews and events to come, I’ll be looking for feedback and suggestions not only for the documentary, but also a podcast which will accompany the blog over the fall. There are a number of exciting shows and interviews upcoming, so expect to hear a lot about the bands, comedians and other artists who will be participating in the film.

As I research and develop the film moving forward, I’ll be creating discussion to better develop the execution of the film and look forward to the many conversations that will take place while exploring this intriguing but often overlooked sub-genre of music.  The more feedback the better.

I’d like to start things off right by saying thank you to the relevant parties in my world who allow this project to be.
To my family: I value nothing more than your being there.  My family means more to me than anything and am infinitely proud of the family of which I am a member.

There are a key few friends who have also gone out of their way in and out of the movie project that make everything possible.  Will Huggins, Chris Kennealy, Hugh Glen and Brian Bowes.  You gentlemen know who you are.  If you should know them by name, you know why I mention them.  If you don’t, know simply that these are the best of human beings I could find to call friend over the last 15 years.  These are my chosen family for whom I would do anything, and by virtue of their actions alone have forged their place in the annals of greatness in my view.

Last but most certainly not least, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Randolph Lalonde, author of the Spinward Fringe series, as well as long time friend, family member and key backer with respect to Heavy Humour.  Absolutely none of this would be happening without the ongoing support and guidance of this true gentleman. With shield and spear I would defend this man’s good name til death as he represents all facets of the exceptional life I am fortunate enough to lead.

With that, I thank you humbly for reading and your continued patience,  and ask you keep an eye for updates. It’s going to be an exciting season.


Hello world!

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Hello and welcome to the blog of Luke Alberton, stand-up comedian, filmmaker and creator of Heavy Humour: an Exploration of Comedy throughout Heavy Music. I’ll be blogging about the themes to presented in the finished film.  I’ll be doing this to create dialogue and exchange ideas that I might better develop the project and keep people in the loop as the movie comes together.

Look forward to regular blog posts related to comedy, music, and how the two come together to create timeless entertainment.